We have Re Located!!
Our store in North West Regina is officially CLOSED! Come see us at our new location in the Southland Mall!

Rayban Legends-

Welcome to Eyecandy Optics
With 25 years experience in the Canadian Optical industry and enormous growth and success to this point, we may be new to the non prescription designer sunglass business, but are very confident in the business model that we are rolling out.
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New Products

We are strong proponents of the notion that the only thing that can really compromise our continued success would be stale inventory. Fortunately because we have so many customers that see sunglass shopping as a regular...

2 For 1 Deal

Sorry, not here. Sadly there is not enough margin for us to pull this off with the designer collections that we rely on. To do this would be to increase our retail pricing to a level that would see our one pair offer as being more expensive than...

We are Hiring

Always. Not because we lose people, but because we recognize that there are great people out there that are not today in our employ. We have the luxury as well, of being able to determine if an Eyecandy candidate might be a better...

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